The No Footprint Nomads Project

Our lifestyle brand

The Story

After a decade traveling and living in 4 different continents, we decided it was time to give back our experience and approach to life on the road. When brainstorming what would be our online about, we ended up on the 3 main passions we have in our life:

  • Nomadism or the art of perpetual travelling
  • Sustainability in all it’s splendor but on travelling life in particular
  • And health-span, or live long and healthy
Based on those 3 pillars we created The No Footprint Nomads website back in 2017, where we share our travels, our experiences and our approaches to life. 


We also launched our store where we promote products that are helpful to a more sustainable travel, the real fusion between Zero Waste and Nomadic Lifestyle. 

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