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Actionable SEO audit recorded on video

Grow traffic & get more bookings with 0% commissions with my advice on a video audit

SEO Video Audit

I’m offering until the end of the month free video audits to any eco-Hotel or Resort that wants to have its website evaluated for:

To show up on Google search results , Google needs to register your website and individual pages first. Normally that’s done automatically but sometimes for some reason it does not happen which will prevent your website from getting traffic. 

Any business that has an open door to the public needs to be discoverable on Google, and I’m not just talking about the map, I’m talking about the Google business pages, just like the classic Yellow Pages

I’ll analyse your organic traffic, see where it is coming from and what type of search queries to discover opportunities and problems that may be limiting your traffic. Will also talk about potential content that could be relevant to get these traffic opportunities. 

Without going too much in detail, the only way to get organic (free) traffic to your website is by having content and links (backlinks) pointing to it. You may already have some good backlinks, but sometimes you get targeted without knowing by some dodgy websites and that needs to be taken care

I will always look for good oppurtunities during the audit, if it’s a particular keyword you could already be getting traffic from, or fixing tags/descriptions or cleaning up your backlink profile. A lot of times are simple things to do that can dramatically help your website

Let me do a video audit of your website and give you easy-to-implement actions with quick results

I promise to deliver it in the next 3 days

To qualify for the video audit please just answer these quick questions:

The process was exceedingly smooth with regular touch points so that I knew exactly what was happening and when, and a comprehensive report signposting exactly what needed to be done next in order to improve my rankings. I very much enjoyed working with him and his team and would not hesitate in recommending this process.
Tamsin Acheson

What makes my audit different and a great value

I’m backed by more than 10 years of Industry experience

Just like the guy here, I give good advice, not just advice than anyone watching youtube videos can do

Unique bespoken analysis to your website

This is not a recorded video with generic advice, I go deep on your website and tailor your shirt just like our friend dino here 

I have the cutting edge tools to do it

I have the right weapons to fire the real analysis and give you sound advice

Actionable Insights to help you improve your website right away

I will focus on things that can be done right away or in short term to get you results 

I promise to deliver it in the next 3 days

Working together with Ardor

Ardor has been successfully helping businesses to boost sales with organic traffic for more than 10 years.

I work directly with them and after the video audit they will be performing all the services for your website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Like promised in 3 days max I will send you the video audit just for you to see it.

After the first video audit we can discuss doing the other websites you have, but it will have a cost of 25 US

Unfortunately not, I can only deal with English speaking websites and markets

Ardor SEO the company I work with has that service too, so just contact me to discuss it

It is not a Full SEO Audit that takes days to do, it’s a 5 min to show you the potential of improvement of your website

Yes, please contact me with your questions so I can address them during the video

Yes, we (Ardor SEO) can implement everything identified as good for your website. From content to outreach campaigns

Yes, all my audit is following Google’s guidelines

I promise to deliver it in the next 3 days

To qualify for the video audit please just answer these quick questions: